[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Lists of Protestants living in Lodz

Paul Rakow rakow at ifh.de
Sun Oct 3 11:49:16 PDT 2010

  Dear Lodzers,

        Several people have e-mailed me asking for more information
  about these lists of Protestants in Lodz. The four lists I mentioned
  are all bound together in one volume, about 500 pages long. The 1860
  list is written in a very clear hand on pretty blue paper,
  but it doesn't have as many families as the earlier lists (I'm
  not sure if that's a real change in numbers, due to people leaving,
  or whether the later list wasn't compiled as thoroughly). The
  handwriting on the 1850s lists isn't as tidy, but it is readable.

        The archives will make scans or photocopies, but if you want
  all 500 pages it would make good sense for the interested people
  from Lodz, Neu Sulzfeld, etc, to club together and share the cost.

        The Polish title of the lists is something like
   "wykaz ludnosci ewangelickej Lodz" , the short archive reference
  number is   CWW 1980
  The first part, CWW, is the abbreviation of the Collection/Fond/Zespol,
  Zespol 190, Centralne Wladze Wyznaniowe Krolestwa Polskiego
  (Central Religious Authorities of the Kingdom of Poland)
  and 1980 is the individual call number (sygnatura) of the item.

       There's an online form for ordering copies, if you know the
  exact reference number and page numbers you want.

       But do the arithmetic before you request 500+ pages.
  The price list on the web page is higher than what I paid
  when I was in Warsaw, ...

                   Paul Rakow
                   rakow at ifh.de

  I wrote: 
>  Protestants living in Lodz
>      Another interesting find were some lists prepared by the Lodz
>  magistrates of the Protestants in Lodz, 1854-1863 (Full lists,
>  1854, 1855, 1856 and 1860 - fragments early 60s.) As well as the
>  town itself, the lists include a few of the nearby villages, in
>  particular Nowasolna/Neu Sulzfeld, Lagiewniki, Chojny, Sikawa, Stoki
>  Lists give the head of the family, and the number of children
>  in each family.

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