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Tue Oct 5 14:30:24 PDT 2010

Hello all,
I need help in decifering the meaning of some entries in EWZ files I have
about members of my family who remained in Volhynia after my grandfather and
his brother left in 1906 and 1907. 
One is under a box labled GI.-Bek. Underneath is typed the abbreviation "ev.
l". Am I correct in assuming this means Evangelical Lutheran? My family were
all Lutherans.
Beside it in another box is the abbreviation Lebt.-gest-in:  
What does this stand for?

In this particular file dated 10 January 1945 in Kalisch, my great aunt,
sister of my grandfather, told the interviewer that her mother, Maria geb.
Wiese m. to Gottlieb Nass of Schereschowka had "im Weltkrieg verschickt".
Does this refer to WWI or WWII? According to my family Maria was deported to
Siberia and died en route. 

Under the Lebt.-gest-in:  box for her father-in-law it says "in der
Verschickung". Does this mean he was deported?

My great aunt's husband was "verschleppt" by the Russians in 1937 and her
son met the same fate in 1938.

On the page headed by
12. "Aufenthalt
des Antragstellers"
it says they lived in Schereschowka until 1914
From 1914 to 1917 they lived in Bachmurt/Nitolayen (the handwriting is not
easy to read) Where is this?
In 1917 they went back to Schereschowka before they were
uprooted/banished/deported again. in 1923.
From 1923 to 17 March 1944 they lived in Eigenfeld, Odessa and on 19 June
1944 she arrived in the Reich with her daughter and family. 

I will stop there for now. To be continued.

Grateful for any help.
Dana Naas Fossum
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