[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Nice random finding on Bremen lists - Oljuka village

Mauricio Norenberg mauricio.norenberg at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 03:04:47 PDT 2010

I'd like to share a random finding that might be useful for someone.
I was roaming around on Die Maus collection (Bremen passanger lists). I did
search on this about 3 to 4 years ago with no luck.
I was sceptic about finding anything about my ancestors as I was aware of
the lack of information on these archives.
But for my surprise I found it. In some way, Die Maus list was improved.



And it says "place of residence" as Oljuka.

Johann Norenberg was married in Sapust in 1887 (21 years before his
I believe Ojulka wasn't that far away from Sapust, I'd believe it still
close to Rozyzcze area.

I failed to find Ojulka on my maps or on jewishgen town locator.

Has anybody heard about it?

Kind Regards

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