[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Records from Brzeziny - 1860

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Dear Mauricio,
My ancestors also lived in Janow (Dmosin) but they were there from around 1808-1834 before they moved to near Lublin. I have already extracted all the Germans from this area found in Catholic records (Dmosin and Kolacinek) but it seems your Noerenbergs came after 1929. Lutherans are no longer found in these Catholic records after 1829 as that is when Brzeziny started.

The Markuses that lived here were all related apparently. My ggg-grandmother was Wilhelmine Markus born about 1796 in Landsberg, Brandenburg where many of the Janow families came from. She had a number of siblings of which your Karoline must be a niece to my Wilhelmine. There are just two Markus males who could be the father of Karoline. Either Christian Markus & Rosine Seiter or Samuel Markus & Marianna Julianna Gersdorf. The latter I learned elsewhere moved to Volhynia but I know nothing else about Christian.
Do you know more who Karoline's parents might be? I therefore believe we are distant cousins (maybe 5th cousins) - you are my first relative in Brazil.

I'll be glad to share more with you outside the conversation of this listserv. I never thought about Piotrkow having some missing Brzeziny records but my understanding was  all Brzeziny records were lost so I assumed no other church would have a copy.

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Sorry, I just forgot to mention that actually the marriage record says:
Janow(Dmosin), Gmina Piotrkow (Poland).

Thats why I believe this record would be in Piotrkow Parish.

Sorry the confusion

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> Hello all,
> I'm aware that Brzeziny has lack of records remaining. That's why I'm stuck
> with my genealogy.
> Johann Nörenberg, son of Ferdinand and Caroline Markus, was born in Janow,
> gmina Dmosin, Kreis Brzeziny in 1860.
> But I wonder about Piotrkow Trybunalski Lutheran records (not yet
> microfilmed).
> I was very confident that maybe they hold these records, since the civil
> records are all in Piotrkow.
> Is there's any chance that I will find anything on Piotrkow Trybunalski
> Lutheran Parish, as I know they have Lutheran records from 1860 and it's
> fairly close to Dmosin?
> And what exactly happened with Brzeziny records?
> Would appreciate any light
> Mauricio
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