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Question 1:
Our databases are based either on original records extractions or on data submitted by other members.  In this case, it appears this info was provided by members (click on "Source" to see who they are).  The 3 listed there probably relied on another's info so you will have to write to them and find out which one provided the info and what their original source was.  Maybe your family lore was an effort to cover up a divorce.

Question 2:
I have not been to Ukraine so cannot offer direct advice.  Many of those who have travelled there make Zhitomir their base of operations and people there are able to help as driver and translator.  Don't rely on your driver to know where the village is.  Research the location carefully on your own and bring maps with you to help the driver.  In your case, this should be fairly simple as the village exists on modern maps.


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> Hello
> I have 2 questions that I would like to ask.
> Question #1.
> I have found the records for Selma Bieberdorf ID #1523226 and 
> all the information matches with the family history except one 
> thing I am not sure about.  Selma married Otto Rinas ID 
> #1523227 ( my grandfather's brother) and according to my 
> grandfather, Otto Rinas died in Volhynia in either 1930 or 1931 
> before my grandfather could send him money for passage to 
> Canada.  Selma eventually remarried a man named Lenz and 
> Otto's son Robert took his step-father's name.   
> But when you use the links in the records it shows Otto Rinas 
> died in Oregon in 1989.  
> Can anyone tell me how to use the ID #'s to actually find the 
> records.  Sorry if this is a silly question, I am still a 
> real novice at this but am learning as I go.
> Question #2
> My sister and I are going to go to the Ukraine next October to 
> find the village of Serbo-Slobodka.  We are wondering if 
> anyone knows if it is better to take the train into Kiev and 
> then try to hire a translator and driver to take us to the 
> village or can we take a train closer to the village and hire a 
> driver from a town nearby.  If anyone has any suggestions 
> or tips about travelling in this area, I would love to 
> correspond with them.
> Thanks again.
> Debbie Thoms
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