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Krueger is a very common name amongst Germans in Poland.  Your Kalish is 
probably Kalisch (German) or Kalisz (Polish).  Kalisz is a city and was also 
the name of a large province for awhile in the 1800's.  Do you have more 
details such as village name, parents' names, wife's name?

Hebener is an usual spelling and there is only one in the SGGEE pedigree 
database.  Other spellings are Hebner, Hiebner, and Huebner (the most 
common).  Grams and Huff are also common names.  It will be difficult to 
find your people without more details as mentioned above.

I hope this helps a little.
Dick Stein
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>I am looking for Gottlieb Krueger born 8 March 1873 I think in Kalist or
> Kalish Poland.  Also surnames Hebener, Grams and Hoff (Huff).  Thanks for
> any info.  colleen
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