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After 1935, immigration information must be obtained from the Dept of Citizenship and Immigration and you must complete an Access to Information form   See the info on the link at Library and Archives Canada's website
(Note:  LAC does not hold these records)\


Although there were other organizations, it's possible that in 1951 he could have come on the church sponsored program through the Canadian Christian Council for the Resettlement of Refugees.  If this is the case, that information might be helpful.  The ship that most of the immigrants came on was the S.S. Beaverbrae. The ship left from Bremen where the immigrants were documented before leaving Germany.  

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> I 'm trying to find the ship passenger list of my brother,
> Reinhold 
> Richter. He was born April 27, 1932 in Nosowiecze, Poland
> and left 
> Germany for Canada in March or April 1951. I have all of
> his personal  
> immigration processing documents but have found no
> information about 
> the ship he took or about his arrival in Canada. Can
> someone suggest a 
> website or other source for obtaining information about
> passengers 
> leaving Germany for Canada?   
> Thank you,
> Heinrich
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