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Sorry I can't help you with the place name you are looking for, however, if you found the information in the EWZ files, your family was very likely processed with others - including family - from their village or neighbouring villages, so you should check those - esp. for spelling as the people processing these documents did not always spell the names correctly (the names were Polish or Russian in many cases)and often spelled phonetically.  Also check their places of birth, because many didn't move too far from their birthplaces. 

All the people listed in the  EWZ files would have had to apply for naturalization (since they weren't German citizens!) but few would have been settled in Germany.  They were mostly - as my parents' families - resettled onto farms in the Wartegau area of Poland. Both my families were sent to different holding camps before being resettled on these farms. Here they replaced the Polish farmers who were probably sent to labour camps.  By putting these Wolhynien farmers on the Polish farms, they became part of the war effort - raising food for the army and Germany. (Very strict regulations too). 

Here's a map showing the Reichsgau Wartheland in 1943 


(NOTE: My mother's family were "processed" at Lodz in late January 1940, then were redirected to a camp in Dresden (my mother's baby brother died in hospital there in April- measles) - before they were settled on a farm in the area near Dobra, Zeronice, Kr. Turek, Wartegau, Poland.   My grandparents had 7 daughters.
My Dad's family were processed Jan. 29, 1940 at Lodz, then were sent to a camp in Aue, in the Saxony region in Germany before being resettled in Szysto, Zeronice, Kr. Turek. (My uncle Herman was born in Aue Feb 15). Couldn't have been a happy experience with 6 other children (up to age 14)and in her 9th month of pregnancy.) 


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> Hello.
> Can anyone she shed light on the location of
> Klebtsche/Kleschkchi 
> I have obtained some family names from the EWZ files, that
> a source called application for Naturalization to German
> citizenship,
> How do I find out were the families were allowed to go to a
> holding camp or direct to an destination in Germany ?
> Would a german speaking prnounce  Jozczyn so an
> english speaker would here Yosfin ?
> Thanks for any help
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