[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] "Lithuanian Germans" in Marijampole, Congress Poland (now Lithuania)

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In addition to the other good info being posted, I just wanted to confirm that the 1760s invitations (there were two) by Catherine could not apply because the region was at that time part of the Polish - Lithuanian Empire and not Russia.


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Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] "Lithuanian Germans" in Marijampole, Congress Poland (now Lithuania)
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> Hello All,
> My questions have to do with Germans who settled in what is now 
> Lithuania, specifically around Marijampole which was in the 
> Sulwalki Governorate of Congress Poland.
> I have seen a lot about the Vistula Germans, Volga Germans, 
> Baltic Germans and those that went to Volhynia but not much 
> about this area.  Can someone tell me more about the 
> history of this area?  Were there a lot of Germans?  
> Did they settle here in 1730's because of Salzburg Expulsion or 
> in the 1760's due to Russian invite or was there a continual 
> immigration from East Prussia or other areas?
> To be more specific I am currently back to my gr-gr-grandfather 
> August Schlosser (b: 1867) who was confirmed at the Evangelical 
> Lutheran church in Marijampole in 1881.  I am waiting to 
> view more LDS films to learn about his parents, August & Pauline 
> (Ulrich) Schlosser and his possible grandparents Johann 
> Friedrich & Henriette (Wallbat) Schlösser.  The family of 
> August & Pauline left by 1891 and settled in Waterbury, 
> CT.  Although I believe other family members stayed in the area.
> Thanks for any help,
> Alan Schlosser
> Buffalo, NY
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