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Though we are straying from the original family question, this discussion about the names is quite interesting.  There was in fact a Füllmann family which lived at Rosenfeld, just 13 miles north of Gretna in Manitoba.


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> Am 17.04.2011 17:24, schrieb shoning at q.com:
> > I may be pointing out the obvious, but the Fuhl surname could 
> also be "Fühl" (incidentally, the German word for "feel"), and 
> depending upon what search engine you use or how you search for 
> the name, you may not find "Fühl" when you are looking with 
> "Fuhl".  Of course, "Fühl" could be anglicized as "Fuehl".
> not to forget: in some cases part of names were cut off. Names as
> Fillmann or Füllmann were common in areas like the Palatinate, where
> many kolonists came from.
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