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Nelson Itterman colnels at shaw.ca
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Hello listmembers:
I have e-mailed Whalmir directly. I believe she has heard about The
Expropriation of Land from Germans in Volhynia 1915. It was a law passed by
the Russian Gov't 
On July 15 1915. I have a copy of that and have told our friend that I will
do a look up for her. It's an alphabetical list of the Villages and
My grandfather Peter Ittermann was listed as Peter Sterman, so the spelling
are not too accurate. If anyone wants a look up I will try my best.
Name and Village if you have it.

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In the wonderful world of computers, the list server filtered out the e-mail
address, now provided below. 

Forwarded to the list on behalf of  Whalmir Anna Fuchs von Koenig, who 
> is not a member of the list.  Please reply directly to her at the 
> e-mail address below if you can help.  She doesn't say if her 
> grandparents were deported from Volhynia in 1915 or not, but they 
> obviously ended up in Brazil at some point.

whalmir.anna at gmail.com
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