[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Fwd: [GR-GENEALOGY] Hhurnibrod, Russia;

Bert Treichel albert.treichel at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 5 20:36:31 PDT 2011

I have Golke (also spelled Gohlke) in my maternal ancestry. My mother was Emma Golke, b. 1903 at Tomaszowka, Chelm, Poland. My grandfather was Gottlieb Golke, b. 1864 at Konary, Grodziec, Posen, Poland. My great grandfather was Johann Daniel Golke,  b. 1830 at Grady Stare, Konin, Poland. My great great grandfather was Johann Gottlieb Golke, b. 1801 at ?, m. at Grodziec, Posen, Poland. My great great great grandfather may(?) have been Michael Golke b. 1760. In the course of my ancestral reseach I have been in contact with other Golkes around the world. For more info see the SGGEE Master Pedigree Database or contact me at albert.treichel at sympatico.ca; since we both seem to have Golke ancestry, I would be very glad to share more info with you.

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