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Sigrid Pohl Perry perry1121 at aol.com
Fri Aug 19 09:42:03 PDT 2011

Dear Irmgard,

I am one of the volunteers working with the Lublin Project. The public 
information consists of the data indexed by the volunteers. People who 
are not members of SGGEE may order these digitized records from the 
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lublin. Information on this part 
of the website explains how to do that. I see that the records which 
interest you consist primarily of births to Ludwig Kessler and Juliane 
Harzke between 1863 and 1871. Sometimes his name is Johann Ludwig 
Kessler. We have looked at all records for this period, and the fact 
that there is no marriage record for them probably indicates they 
married elsewhere before coming to the Lublin area. This was an active 
period of immigration to the area. I do not see any later records that 
indicate one of their children married in this area. There are several 
possibilities: the family moved elsewhere, perhaps to Volhynia; Juliana 
Harzke died and Johann Ludwig Kessler remarried. You could look for 
other Kessler marriages or families in Lublin or in Volhynia.

The Lublin Project records will be added to the MPD only as SGGEE 
members add the data for their own families once they have seen the 
records. There is one exception to this. There is some basic information 
about births in the Lublin area between 1871 and March 1873. I first 
extracted information from two poor quality microfilms in 2004-2005, 
long before the Lublin Project began. I was just learning Cyrillic and 
had a great deal of trouble identifying villages, etc. 1871 and 1872 are 
now covered by the Lublin Project. I am currently indexing 1873 for the 

If you have other questions, I'll be glad to try to answer them.

Sigrid Pohl Perry
searching: Pohl, Domres, Hapke, Kuehn, Buettner, Gatzke, Mantei, 
Scheffler et al

On 8/19/2011 11:22 AM, Efhensel at aol.com wrote:
> Dear List members,
> On the public site I found 4 children of Ludwig Kessler and Juliane
> Harzke,  from 1863 - 1871, in Nowina,Wlodawa, Lublin area.
> btw. I find them all on the public site, but not all on the members only
> site.  Does the public site contain data that the member only site does  not?
> I was looking for the marriage of Ludwig Kessler and Juliane Harzke, but
> cannot find it.
> Does this mean the marriages for whatever place ( I assume that the
> marriage was also performed in Nowina or near there)   has not been  indexed by
> the Lublin project, or has not been found otherwise?
> thanks,
> cheers
> Irmgard (Hensel)
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