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Is this person is referring to records located in the Konin Archives. 

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  Hi list,

  Below is part of an email from a researcher my cousin was using in Poland.  Is anyone aware that these census records exist for Mieczyslawow?  Does anyone on the list know of anyone in the Konin area that does research or do we have any list members living there?

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  I was also in Konin because I was recenty told some valuable documents might also be there. And indeed, there are census records for the villages of the area, e.g. for Mieczyslawowo. Unfortunately, these are thick volumes which I was unable to study thoroughly as I was on my way to Przedecz and would have to spend the whole day in Konin otherwise! But I saw there were many Kruegers listed there, yours including (I think I found the family of Johann August and Anna Rosine nee Mund, and it was said she died 8 Jun 1896, but I have to confirm this in church records), also many Thiede's and Kitzmanns. If you are ever interested, we could extend the search to review these files. I know this may all seem too costly for you at some point but in fact it came to me as a kind of surprise as I didn't expect those records to be there, and preserved so well! 

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