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There is an Ernestina Hauch buried inthe Crystal Springs Cemetery in Benton Harbor. She was born on 20 Aug 1863 in Germany and died on 07 Jul 1933.  Her father is recorded as “John Fehrman” andher mother as “Rose Fehrman”.  Herobituary is in the paper as “Mary Hauch” and it gives her daughter as Mrs.August Zepig, her sons as, William and Julius, a sister as Mrs. Samuel Yops anda brother as Gustave “Fahrman” who was living in Germany.  Her son is also buried there and he wasWilliam Hauch who died on 27 Apr 1973 at the age of 69.  William was born in Russia and his father isrecorded as Karl Hauch and his mother as unknown.  William’s wife, who is also buried there, wasLydia Radtke born 23 Dec 1904 in Russia and died on 21 Oct 1980.  Lydia’s parents are recorded as Ferdinand andMariana Radtke.  
It is not clear who Ernestina’s husband,Karl Hauch, was.  He may have been a sonof Carl and Marie (Tiefenbach) Hauch as their daughter Rose married JuliusFuhrman, Ernestine’s brother.  ErnestineFuhrman married Karl Hauch in Volhynia, Russia on 12 Sep 1883.  Ernestine and her son William Hauch sailed toAmerica aboard the ship George Washington from Bremen, Germany on 24 Oct 1923arriving at Portland, Maine on 02 Nov 1923. On this ship manifest she is recorded as being 55 years of age andWilliam as 20 years old.  This recordalso indicates she was born in Germany and William was born in Russia and thattheir last residence was “Freistadt”. The nearest living relative in the county from which they came is listedas her uncle “Friedrich Jobs of “Bielitz Schlesien”.  She was joining her brother, Julius Fuhrmanin Benton Harbor. Also traveling with Ernestine and William were Samuel Jobsage 28 and Pauline Jobs age 24 and they were all headed for Benton Harbor,Michigan. Pauline is seen in later records as Pauline Yops, wife of SamuelYops.  This Karl and Ernestine (Fuhrman)Hauch had at least three children:
Wilhelmine Hauch who married AugustZepik in Volhynia, Russia.
William Hauch who married Lydia Radtkein Berrien County, Michigan.
Julius Hauch, mentioned in Ernestine’sobituary.
Notes: Two of these three children are seen in Berrien County, Michigan.  The obituary may be in error as I can find norecord of the Julius Hauch, Enrestine’s “son”. This may have been her brother Julius Fuhrman as he was still living atthis time and is not mentioned in the obituary. 
The News Palladium carriedthe obituary for Mary Hauch on 07 Jul 1933 and it reads: "Mrs. Mary HauptOf Winans Street Is Taken By Death Mrs. Mary Haupt, 545 N. Winans street, diedthis morning at 11 o'clock, at the age of 69. The deceased was born in Germany,Aug. 20, 1863, and came to this country in 1923 and for the past 10 years hadbeen living at the home of her daughter, Mrs. August Zepig, at 545 N. Winans,Mrs. Haupt is survived by a sister, Mrs. Samuel Yops who resides on a farm nearSister Lakes; her daughter, Mrs. August Zepig; two sons, William and JuliusHaupt, Chestnut Street; and a brother, Gustave Fahrman who lives in Germany.The body was taken to Martinie's funeral home, but no funeral arrangements havebeen made." The same newspaper carried the following on 08 Jul 1933:"Last Rites For Mrs. Mary Hauch Set For Monday. Funeral services for the lateMrs. Mary Hauch, of 545 N. Winans street, who died yesterday morning at 1:30o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. August Zepik of 545 N. Winans street,and at 2 o'clock at the St. Matthew's Lutheran church. The Rev. H. C. Haase,pastor of the church will officiate. Burial will be in the Crystal Springscemetery. Friends may view the body at the Martinie funeral home until Mondaymorning, at which time it will be removed to the family home."   The spelling of the name as Haupt is thenewspaper's not mine. Cemetery records have this same person listed asErnestina Hauch. Her maiden name was Fuhrman. Her death record gives herparents as John & Rose "Fehrman". It also gives her birthplace as "Germany".  Her son, William's death record gives hisfather as Karl Hauch. This is the Ernestine Fuhrman who married Karl Hauch on12 Sep 1883 in Zhitomir Parish, Volhynia, Russia. Her husband, Karl Hauch isbeleived to be a son of Carl and Maire (Tiefenbach) Hauch. Ernestina's brother,Julius Fuhrman married Rose Hauch a daughter of Carl and Marie (Tiefenbach)Hauch.
Karl and Marie(Tiefenbacker) Hauch had at least six children and probably more:
1.  Probably: Karl Hauch born about 1860 whomarried Ernestine Fuhrman on 12 Sep 1883 in Zhitomir Parish, Volhynia, Russia.Erenstina (Fuhrman) Hauch died in Berrien County, Michigan.
2. WilhelmineChristine Hauch b. 17 Dec 1863 in Solomka, Rowno Parish, Volhynia, Russia, shemarried John Gittersonke on 03 Oct 1885 in Zhiomir Parish, Volhynia, Russia andshe died 20 Feb 1938 in Benton Harbor, Michigan.
3. FriederichHauch b. 26 Mar 1869 in Solomka, Rowno Parish, Volhynia, Russia.
3. Rosina AnnaHauch b. 07 Nov 1871 in Solomka, Rowno Parish, Volhnia, Russia, she marriedJulius Fuhrman on 12 Feb 1894 and she died on 14 Nov 1952 in Benton Harbor,Michigan.
5. WilhelmJulius Carl Hauch b. 25 Dec 1876 in Solomka, Rowno Parish, Volhynia, Russia andhe died 15 May 1937 in Watervliet Township, Berrien County, Michigan. 
6. Johann MartinHauch b. 19 Apr 1880 in Solomka, Rowno Parish, Volhynia, Russia and he died on02 August 1917 in Weesaw Township of Berrien County, Michigan
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