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Hi Carol,
For women, the 23andMe Autosomal test is the only one that makes sense since
it looks at all 23 chromosomes and not just you mt-DNA.  That means that you
get information on all your genealogical lines and not just your maternal
line.  For men, the logic is the same.  While y-DNA is more useful than
mtDNA, it still gives only your paternal line (and women cannot have this
done).  The autosomal DNA test is far more comprehensive and will give you
cousins on all your lines.  While for many/most, the earliest common
ancestor will be too long ago and not traceable on paper, with 23andMe and
those in our group, you will get 3rd, 4th and up to 6th cousins.  Then it is
a matter of trying to find the most likely place for the common ancestor to

23andMe has a Relative Finder that finds relatives based on sharing at least
a full segment.  Unfortunately, it is possible for very closely related
individuals to not share a segment as the genes passed down can get quite
scrambled.  However, it is possible to compare genomes and find what
percentage of the 500000 genomes are the same.  My 4th cousin is very high
with this tool at over 76.4% the same but does not show up on Relative
Finder because we don't share one full segment.

More information than you asked but the short answer is yes, you should do
an autosomal test even if you've done the other tests.  You will learn much


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Earl, I have had my family DNA testing done at Ancestry.com. Do you think
that I should repeat it?  Probably 23 is more complete. However, I wish
there were a way that all the DNA tests could be gathered and shared, even
if some have less than others. Carol


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