[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] I need help with a location.

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Brenda - in Volume II, page 665 of Meyers-Orts (shortened name of the 1912  
gazetteer), I found:
Sadowicz - (nothing in there for Sadolisch or similar spelling)
Dorf, Prussia,  Posen, government district Bromberg, Kreis  Mogilno, court 
district east 12 km Tremessen, police district Mogilno West,  military 
headquarters Gnesen, Standesamt Kirchlich Palendzie, post office  Goswcieszhn 
Kreis Znin; 207 residents.
So far as I know, most, if not all, Family History Centers have Meyers-Orts 
 (3 volumes, red covers).   Since this work is pretty much the gold  
standard for its time, I hope this may solve your location  question.  You didn't 
say how old your map is or what the scale is, but  this looks plausible.  
Hope so!
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>From  the replies I have gotten, I don't think I made myself clear, so I 
try  again.           

I have been  researching members of a Jabs family that immigrated to the US
from Poland.  All of the this group say that they were born in the village 
Sadolisch,  Poland. I haven't been able to find Sadolesch on a map. I was
wondering if  the village of Sadolesch , Poland could be the village of
Sadoles, Poland?  

Thanks in advance for any help

Brenda  Brandt

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