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The Helene Knoll who died in 1985 was born 20 years old before Konstantine (Constantin, whatever) which makes it unlikely that that she was his spouse. Besides, she was born in Germany, and she was married to Karl Knoll.

Now, anything is possible, I know.

Dave Obee

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> I have found a Helene Knoll death in 1985 on the BC Vital Stat's 
> website. This week I will get a copy for Bruce at my local 
> Public Libary - hopefully it will have a signature of a 
> surviving child.
> Rose Ingram
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>   Hi
>   I'm really not sure what is going on here.
>   Your note yesterday said:
>   "If anyone could kindly tell 
>     me whatever happened to Konstantine Knoll and 
> his wife 
>     Helene."
>    Yet, when I asked for more information, you sent a 
> copy of his death registration.
>   You already know exactly what happened to him. He's dead. 
> You know where he lived, what he did for a living, when he died, 
> what killed him, where he is buried, and that his wife survived 
> him. So you are asking people to tell you what you already know. 
> And you have enough clues there, you could do a bunch of further 
> research, and it's all obvious; none of it is difficult.
>   Dave Obee
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