[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] a Christmas gift from the Poznań and Konin archives

Albert Muth albertmuth734 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 25 14:05:24 PST 2011

You will be delighted to learn that the State Archives in Poznań and Konin
have just issued a December 2011 update on their progress in digitizing and
posting records.  It appears that additions are in bold-face.

For Konin,

For Poznań:

To get from this simple listing to REAL records, let me use as an example
the first parish on the Konin list, *Białków* (Bial~ko~w).
In Column #1 ("Numer zespołu"), the number is 726.
To find the records, go to:  http://szukajwarchiwach.pl/54/726/0/-/
Notice that the position of the "Numer zespołu" is right after the number
54, corresponding to the archives in Konin.

Then, look mid page, on the right side for "Title of the Fond" (against a
grey background).
Above this line, on the right side, there are three tabs:  1) description
of the fond 2) series, and 3) units
select:  "#2 series"
>From here, I usually look for the line that says:  *urodzenia, małzeństwa,
zgony* ("births, marriages, deaths").  Click on it.
Then, select the year that interests you, click on it.
>From here, you are on your own.

For records in the Poznań archives, the process is similar.  This time, I
chose the Catholic parish of *Dobrzec* at
Here, when I saw the three tabs, it was not the second tab series, but
rather #3 units that I had to click to find records.

need to look page by page, and keep track of where you found the index for
the year.  These are NOT the places to go to learn how to do this kind of
research (unless you live several hours away from a Family History Center,
then, maybe this is the only way you can "get into the game").

I will repeat that these records are only for the Poznań and Konin State
Archives, which are part of a beta test.  NOT INCLUDED:  archives in Łódź
area, Warszawa, Włocławek, Płock... etc etc.  If your records are
microfilmed, check the LDS catalog entry, it will state the archive
repository where the original records were filmed.  Or check Pradziad
online at http://baza.archiwa.gov.pl/sezam/pradziad.php?l=en


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