[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Shitomir archives: questions

Edie Adam edieadam at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 18:50:32 PST 2011

Hello and Happy New Year!

In my catch-up reading this holiday season, I came across an article in the
1997 AHSGR Journal written by Richard Rye. He describes visits to archives
in Russia at the time including Shitomir. He wrote that this archive was a
modern building and competently run by a friendly and helpful staff. And
notes some of the records he saw including what he calls detailed files on
the expropriation of property from Germans in Volhynia 1915-1919. And also
mentions an 1858 census that was too fragile to be copied or filmed but
that archive workers were rewriting and indexing.

Would those expropriation files have the details of the material indexed by
Brent Mai? And is that 1858 census still extant or now available outside
the archive? And finally, has his description of the archive as being
well-run and helpful been overrun by events in the last 15 years?


Edie Adam
Fairfax, VA

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