[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] BRADE-JACOBY Parish records for Evang. Lutheran Kirche in Radzymin, Wolomin, Poland

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Good Morning Hannes Werner, Thank you very much for this information.
Emilie Julia Jacobi is almost certainly my grandmother.  ("Validation" of
family story, unproven, indicating her parents were Johann Jacobi and
Christina Hulsen/Hilzen who were born in Berlin.)
Please advise where the records listed in your email below can be found so
that I can do further research:    On the Internet (address)?  Microfilm
(number)?  Other?
I continue to search for grandfather Karol Conrad Brade.
     His father:     Karl Brade, b. Leipzig, Germany? **
     His mother:   Maria Koch or Maria Utke, b. Warsaw?  Or Praga? **
     His brother:   Wilhelm Robert Brade, b. 24 Feb 1871 in Warsaw?  Or
Praga? **
     His sister:     Marja Brade, b. 22 Mar 1874 in Nowy Dwor (parish or
town?) **
     ** Family story -- not proven
With sincere appreciation...
Edith Rimple McKelvy
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Hello Edith,
there is a birth record of Joseph Brade born 1875 at Lezniakowizna (Nr.
Record is found in books of rom.-cath. parish of Okuniew.
Another birth record is Anna Julianna Brade, parents Antony + Elisabeth
Nr. 14/1856 in rom.-cath. records of Glinianka (birth was in or around the
town of Ostrow Maz.)
Also, there is a marriage record Emilia Brade oo Wladyslaw Federowicz 1869
at Praga 
(part of Warsaw on the east side of Visla river and near Radzymin parish).
And: there is a birth record of Emilie Julia Jakobi born in 1866 at
Zerzen/Praga (see above), 
Nr. 53/1866. Parents: Johann Jakobi + Christina Hülsen.
Lesniakowizna was about 12 km from Praga and Zerzen.
I made same experiences: although my ancestors were protestants, I found
some of them in 
rom.-cath. records in that area !
Best wishes
Hannes W., Germany
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inRadzymin, Wolomin, Poland

> Do any records exist online for the Radzymin Lutheran Kirche located near
> Lesniakowizna, Wolomin (15 miles east of Warsaw)?  According to a contact
> presently living in Germany, a parsonage was built in Radzymin in 1868.
> This church was served by the pastor of  Nowy Dwor (Neuhof) and became an
> independent evangelical congregation in 1903. 
> I am searching for any information re my maternal grandparents KAROL
> BRADE and AMELIA JACOBY.   At this point, all I know is their names and
> fact that they lived in Lesniakowizna about 1885 to about 1935.
> (Birth/marriage/death unknown--hope to find some info in these church
> records)
> Their daughter, my mother OLGA BRADE, was baptized at the Radzymin church
> 1907 and confirmed there by Pastor Aug....in 1924.  I have her original
> document.
> I have microfilm #1197719 on order at my local Family History Center.
> other suggestions?
> Edith Rimple McKelvy
> Silverdale WA
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