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Thank you Ken, I'll reply by private email.


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>From your information, one location you indicated in your records is 
near Chelm, and Kamenck, and referring to Russia.  My Draeger relatives came
from Kroczyn-Kamien, just a few miles southeast of Chelm, in what was then
Russian Poland around 1905.  Kroczyn is the smaller farm village just east
of the larger administrative village of Kamien.  I surmise that Kamenck
refers to Kamien.  My German speaking relatives from Kroczyn belonged to the
Lutheren Church parish in Kamien.

I visited this locale a couple of years ago and have pictures of Chelm,
Kamien and Kroczyn, along with with a map of the farms at Kroczyn from the
title office, showing the owners and purchase/sales of the land during the
late Russian Poland period.  I'd be glad to share this information and
pictures with you if you would contact me at kenpowell99 at sbcglobal.net

(referring to:)

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First of all, I am reading a typed document: a manifest of a woman and her
two sons. They originated in Le Havre, France (1927). Emilia Wagner clearly
states she was born in Poland, Wladyslawow. Her sons were born in Russia,
Kamenck. She says her language is Russian and German. The sons language is
Russian. (a subsequent census says German, only). Their last residence was
Poland,Lubianskon. Their passports were issued in Riga-Russia. She left
behind her father Mr. Lenz in Serniava Lubianskov Poland.

When her husband, Carl Wagner immigrated, he stated the last place he lived
and where his wife remains as what appears to be Gotowak, ??, Lublin. His
place of birth is too light to read except Russia. He immigrated in 1913. 

Most of the family has been found in Wladyslawow and Kroczyn or "near"
Kroczyn (near Chelm). 

For these locations: Serniava is probably Serniawy, Chelm, Lubelskie.
Gotowak is probably Gotowka (Gotowka Niemiecka), Chelm, Lubelskie, Poland.
They seem to be in the right area. 

Can anyone tell me what Kamenck, Russia might be? A search on the Jewish Gen
site brings up many, many possibilities whether I confine my search to
Poland, Kiev or Russia. I've mapped many of them, but still don't know if
I'm even close. 

I would appreciate any opinions offered.


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Springfield, Oregon USA
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Wisbey of US, Ireland and England.
Researching Haner of US and Germany
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