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and E of Nowy Dwor near the river of Narew you'll find the place Kikuller 

Hannes W.

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> Hi everyone,
> I just received photocopies of family bible pages, listing births for some 
> of my Joseph ancestors. The parents were Ludwig and Justine (Witt) Joseph, 
> the children were Gottlieb, Samuel, Heinrich, Justine, Wilhelmine, Ludwig, 
> and Michael. I know the family lived in Ulanowka, a few miles west of 
> Zhitomir in the Volhynia region of what is now Ukraine, when Justine and 
> Wilhelmine were born (1875 and 1878). But the Bible says Gottielb and his 
> father were born in Kikoler Kempe (1862 and 1837 respectively). Justine 
> Witt is listed as being born in Reischewo in 1842. The births for all the 
> children born in Ulanowka are marked with a sideways parenthetical note 
> saying "In Wolhinien, Russland" whereas the births of Ludwig (the father), 
> Justine Witt, and Gottlieb are not included in that note, leading me to 
> believe the family moved into the Volhyina region sometime after 
> Gottlieb's birth but before the births of the later children. Can anyone 
> help me locate Kikoler Kempe and Reischewo?
> Thank you!
> Brandt Gibson
> Fife, WA
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