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Pastor Hugo Kelletat is mentioned briefly in Robert Kluttig's Geschichte der 
deutschen Baptisten in Polen (Winnipeg, 1973) on p. 156.  It says he served 
the Graudenz (Grudziaz) church (no name of the church is given) from April 
1, 1908 until Dec. 31, 1912.  During this time he baptized 190 persons. 
Nothing is said about his speaking ability.  A table at the end of the book 
indicates that this church had 51 members in 1937, making it the 2nd 
smallest in the Posen/Pommern Union at that time.

Sorry, but that's all.  I don't have Eduard Kupsch's history of Baptists in 
Poland (pub. in 1932 or so).  You might look there.

Dick Benert

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> When I was going through some of my grandmother's papers I found a note in 
> her handwriting that said she was baptized by a Pastor Kelletat in 1910 in 
> Graudenz. I wasn't aware that she was living in Graudenz in that year. I 
> have some missing years to fill in between 1900 and 1921. I thought if I 
> could get info about this pastor it could give me some clues. I found out 
> through the internet that there was a Pastor Hugo Kelletat in Graudenz who 
> had a son who became a famous musician. Everytime I search for info about 
> Kelletat I end up getting sites referring to his son. What I'd like to 
> know is:
> What was the name of the Baptist church in Graudenz?
> Was it a large church or a small one?
> Was Pastor Kelletat a popular speaker who could attract audiences from 
> other parts of Prussia? (I'm wondering if my grandmother made a special 
> trip to that church or if she went there regularly)
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