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Albert Muth albertmuth734 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 15:02:03 PST 2011

Hi Christel,

I have some time while waiting to volunteer this evening at my local family
history center, so I decided to look up the birth of a Gustav Hille on April
10th, more or less around the time of 1870.

On the first film I looked at, for the year 1867, film #0767142, I found the
birth record (in Polish) of Gustaw Hille, #289. He was born 10 April 1867 in

The name of the father is not given.
The name of the mother is Apolonia (nee Hübler) Hille, aged 36.  Her husband
was Kaspar Hille, who has been deceased for about a dozen years.   "od lat
kilkunastu nieżyjacy"
I will see what other information I can put together for you over the next
several days.

Al Muth

P.S.  It was the very first film that I looked at.  Spooky!

On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 2:11 PM, Christel Kniss <christel.kniss at web.de>wrote:

> Hallo, my name is Christel.
> I´looking for the family of my father.  My great-grandfather Gustav Hille
> was presumably married four times. The names of the women are unknown.
> My grandfather Friedrich Rudolf Hille and his mother Pauline Bich were born
> in Lodz.
> Gustav Hille *10.04.? (familyname of the father was Kuehnel, from the
> mother Hille), his wife was Pauline Bich, she was born in 1870 (?) and died
> 1910.
> They had 6 children:
> Friedrich Rudolf Hille, * 02.06.1897
> Gustav(?) Hille
> Gertrud Hille
> Elisabeth Hille (Cronik)
> Paula Hille (Lange)
> and another daughter name?
> Could me help someone? Thank you!
> Christel
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