[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Sengebusch, Penchratka, Paproc-Duza

Monika Heitz monika-heitz at web.de
Sat Feb 12 06:07:42 PST 2011

Hallo to all the members of this mailing-list !  


My name is Monika Heitz, I live in Germany and I´m searching for my german-polish-russian ancestry. 

I had a nice e-mail contact with Carol Burns, a member of this mailing-list. She gave me the advice to become a member, too. 


I´m searching for information about:


My Great-Grandmother

Susanna Sengebusch           * 03.03.1867, Pe(n)chratka, Paprotsch (-Duza?), Poland                                                                       

                                              + 30.08.1954, Kirchofen, Freiburg, Black Forest, Germany

Father:                                    Ludwig Sengebusch, dates and places unknown

Mother:                                   unknown


My Great-Grandfather

(Johann) Andreas Makus       * 27.03.1864, Petrikau, Poland                                              

+ 12.11.1939, Koschütz, Schneidemühl (Pila), Poland

Father:                                    Johann Makus, dates and places unknown, 

(* ca. 1842 ?, Marjanowka, Petrikau)

Mother:                                   Marianna Birkholz, dates and places unknown, 

(*ca. 1835 ?, Leonów, Petrikau)


Susanna´s  and Andreas´ marriage: oo 07.12.1889, place unknown

They had a 15 or 16 children…only 4 children survived their childhood, one of them was my grandmother.


Some members of a Sengebusch-family are listed in parish-records of Paproc Duza, Jasienica, Ostrow-Mazow., Poland 

as I found out with "familysearch.org". But no Susanna Sengebusch, born in 1867, is mentioned there.

Carol found out, that there are even two Susannas born in 1867 in Paproc-Duza… 

And now I´m searching for the "right" Susanna, her parents, brothers and sisters.

Maybe one is able to help me, to find more about my polish-russian ancestry. 

Many thanks in advance 



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