[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Military Parish Records

John Rauchert jfrauchert at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 12 09:55:22 PST 2011

Al or others:  

Can you give an idea what these records look like? 

For myself (other than because of available time),  I have not volunteered
in the past as I felt that I could not handle Polish and Russian records at
this point and that the availability of any German records remaining in need
of indexing was limited.

John F. Rauchert, Calgary, Alberta

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	and so on

>P.P.S.  And please, please, start thinking of volunteering to index some of
these military parish records for SGGEE (the aforementioned Kalisz (I am
already working on the marriages), Warszawa, W?oc?awek, Petrikau, Sieradz,

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