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The St. Petersburg Archive microfilms for Volhynia cover only until the end
of 1885, with a few years missing.  It is not known when or if later years 
will be released.  However, people looking in Rozyszcze
parish (the western part of Volhynia) are a little better off.  Some of the
original church books are held in the AGAD archive in Warsaw, and some of
them have been photographed by LDS and are in the microfilm series 2380017
to 2380038.  SGGEE is in the process of indexing these films and adding the
data to the SGGEE version of the St. Petersburg database.  The database may 
accessed at http://www.sggee.org/research/PublicDatabases
for a list of years and parishes covered by both the St. Petersburg Archive 
films and the 23800xy series of films.  As noted, the latter films go to 
about 1895 for Rozyszcze parish and Wladimir-Wolynsk parish.  There are some 
later register books in the AGAD archive and in the Lutzk Archive.

Dick Stein

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Does anyone know if they will ever release or index The st.pete archives
post 1889? I have heard the ones from 1890- 1916 exist and would be very
interested to get my hands on these?

Brent Zelmer

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