[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Germany census listing

Paul Rakow rakow at ifh.de
Mon Feb 14 10:14:50 PST 2011

  Hello Darrell,

      I'm afraid that for many areas of Germany there isn't much
  census data on individual people available, and the areas that
  do have census data, it's generally from dates much much earlier
  than the 1920s.

       Anyway, we may have to go back a step - I can't find Lebrus
  anywhere - do you know where it is or was on the map? Where did you
  get the place name from? One guess is that it might be Lebus, but
  you should check back on your original source for that location

               Paul Rakow
               rakow at ifh.de

  <kitchur at mts.net> wrote: 
> I would like to re-post my original email please as I think it got a little off topic when it was
> mis-understood.
> My understanding is that my great grandmother Susanna Bohn was living in Lebrus, Germany
> in 1924.
> Is there a site that would have a census list for Lebrus Germany and the year 1924 or prior
> year(s)
> Darrel

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