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If you google the word "Kruggerechtigkeit", you will get several hits.  Most are links to German-speaking websites.  One of these had the following: Da auf dem Haus auch die Kruggerechtigkeit ruhte, d. h. der Ausschank von Bier und Branntwein, entwickelte sich der "Entenfangskrauge" zu einem im heutigen Sinne wahren Ausflugslokal.  Translated, this says:  Because the Kruggerechtigkeit also rested on the house, that is, the sale (serving, dispensing) of beer and brandy, the (inn) "Entenfangskrauge" grew into a true destination restaurant in today's sense of the word.  From this, I would say "Kruggerechtigkeit" means the right to sell and serve beer and liquors.
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> I would like to know the meaning of: Kruggerechtigkeit.
> It is mentioned in the description of a village/estate in about 1800 -- a
> type of building? an occupation?
> thanks, Karen
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