[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Also Bialystok - Re: Neudorf / Neubrow, Latvia, Belarus,

Paul Rakow rakow at ifh.de
Sun Jan 9 11:38:44 PST 2011


      Thanks for telling us about these records. I've been looking
  through the Bialystok records the past few days, because I had
  family there. It looks like these are duplicate records sent to
  the Consistory in Mitau (the same way copies of the Volhynia records
  were sent to St Petersburg), which is why they ended up in the
  Latvian archives.

      These have years that the LDS Bialystok films don't cover. In
  particular, the LDS only have a few years of death records, while the
  Latvians have most years covered from 1834 t0 1875, with just a few gaps.

            Thanks again,

                 Paul Rakow
                 rakow at ifh.de

  Jerry Frank <FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca> wrote: 
> Forgot to mention that Bialystok (Belostokas) is also included.
> Jerry
> ----- Original Message -----
>> The newsletter of the Historischer Verein Wolhynien E.V. reports
>> that the Latvian State Historical Archive has digitized numerous
>> church records and they are now available on line.? The site is
>> available in several languages including German and English.
>> English - http://www.arhivi.lv/index.php?&110
>> To view the documents, go to the left column and click on
>> "Digital Archive: RADURAKSTI".? On the next page you may have to
>> click on EN in the upper right corner for the English version.?
>> Registration prior to viewing is required but it is free.
>> Of special interest is the availability of the Neudorf / Neubrow
>> (Neidorfas-Neibrovas) records covering the years 1834-1893.?
>> Those researching this area should note that additional years
>> (1790-1932) not digitized are available through LDS microfilms
>> as listed on our SGGEE Volhynian records page
>> http://www.sggee.org/research/parishes/church_parishes/LutheransInVolhyniaKievPodolia.html near the bottom.
>> Some of our readers also have connections to Latvia, Brest,
>> Minsk and other parts of this eastern region so browse around
>> for other locations that are available.?
>> Jerry Frank

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