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A search of the SGGEE Volhynia database at 
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> Greetings to all.
> I am trying to learn more about my grandfather, Reinhold Redlich, and his
> early life in Volhynia.  Reinhold emigrated to the USA as a young man, and
> as we approach the 100th anniversary of his landing in America, I would 
> like
> to put together as many of the pieces as possible to present to my 
> extended
> family.
> Here is what I know so far:
> Reinhold was born in 1893 in Rozyszce to Julius and Christine (Wurfel)
> Redlich.  Julius was born in 1863 to August and Luise (Hoffman) Redlich.
> Family lore has it that August (born 1835) came from "Kreis Schubin bei
> Thorn" (Torun, Poland), an "old Crusader town."  (Should that be *Tuetonic
> Knights*?)
> Reinhold emigrated to the USA in 1911, reportedly to avoid being drafted
> into the Russian army.  But after spending a few years here, he tried to 
> go
> back home.  However, the outbreak of World War I prevented him from going
> any farther than England, so he returned to America.  There he married my
> grandmother, Alarta Howard, and eventuallly settled in Milwaukee.  Three 
> of
> his brothers later joined him in Wisconsin.  (I also have Redlich 
> relatives
> in Alberta, Canada.)
> If anyone can shed more light on my family tree, I will greatly appreciate
> it.
> By the way, I enjoyed the earlier discussions on Catherine the Great (last
> April).  My grandfather used to tell about how "the Tsarina" had invited 
> his
> German people to Volhynia, but I later realized that this presented  a
> chronological problem.  Thanks for the education!
> Sincerely,
> Raymond K. Redlich
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