[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Rosentreter Stoike Ruttich Draht

Beatrix Hughes beatrix at telus.net
Mon Jan 17 14:12:21 PST 2011

Thank you for your quick responses. You have great information. On one of my grandmothers death records it says she was born in Strenshim. I was hoping it was Streczyn since the other side of the family, the Ruttichs, were all from the Lublin area. I know that my grandparents really moved around alot. My mom and her two brothers were all born in different cities around East Prussia and my mom grew up in Bytow, Pommern. My greatgrandparents may have also moved around alot. My grandmother told my mom that when her parents got married, the Stoikes were very upset with the match and disowned their daughter. They never had any further contact with that side of the family. 


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