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Religion has not been mentioned as a factor yet in the discussion.  Per EWZ,
it appears that Gottlieb Ruttich died in Zezulin, where there was a Baptist
church.  SGGEE's Lublin Project only involves Lutherans.  The Lublin diocese
records that LDS has just started to index are Catholic.  The location of
Baptist records is a mystery.

Germans that left the Russian empire to return to Prussia would have been
naturalized as Prussian citizens.  I can adduce two family examples for
which I have seen these papers (and have copies:

1) Gustav Arthur Semrau 1850-1937, the father in law of my dad's oldest
sister.  His parents were married in Michalki, had a few kids, the rest
recorded at Lipno.  Both places in Russian Poland became a citizen of
Prussia in the early 1870's, but emigrated shortly afterwards. Married in
Michigan in 1874 (Wayne County).

2)  Leo Muth  1850-1932?, an older brother of my grandfather, raised his
children in Malinówka (Lublin), but became a citizen of Prussia around 1903,
while living in Drückenhof, Kr. Briesen.  When West Prussia reverted to
Poland after World War I, the family moved to East Prussia (some in
Tiefensee, others in Kr. Gerdauen).  The copy of the document in the family
(which refers to the volume and page number of the original) gives his birth
date and place of birth, and those of his children who were not yet of age.

In the LDS library catalog, these records can be found under the subject
heading:  Germany, Preußen - Naturalization and
 I think it might be worthwhile exploring these films for your
(you said your grandparents were married in Garnsee)--they are arranged by
year, not be surname.
Al Muth

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