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Thank you Jerry.    Looking forward to see where this leads me.  Jeff
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Using http://www.jewishgen.org/Communities/LocTown.asp 

Krowanka is probably Krovinka in Galicia / Austria, now in Ukraine some 365
km. WSW of Kiev and about 20 km south of Ternopil.

Radowicz is probably Radowce in Romania, and coincidentally located about
150 km due south of Ternopil.

Lots of folk with origins in Galicia and northern Romania settled in regions
around Edmonton.


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> I'm researching my connections to the Hennig family from the 
> Bruderheim,Josephburg, Stony Plain, and Spruce Grove areas of 
> Alberta.  I have
> reference to some members being born in Krowanka, Austria and 
> Radowicz,Rumania.  I'm unable to find reference to these 
> villages.  Does someone
> recognize or have alternate spellings and know the 
> locatons.  Thank you.
> Jeff Krebs
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