[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] what is?

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>From Eugene Ehrlich in Amo, Amas, Amat and More  nunc dimittis means "permission to leave". 
 "From Luke: nunc dimittis servum tuum, Domine (SEHR-wuum TOO-uum DAW-mih-neh), 'Lord, now let they servant depart.'  To receive one's nunc dimittis is, therefore, to receive permission to depart."
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> Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] what is?
> while doing some research, I found an obituary notice for one of my family branch members
> however I'm stumped on the words 
> I tried a translator that I found on the internet, but I'm not having any luck.
> Anyone have any ideas?
> Peacefully on July 16, 1972 at
> his residence, Greenwald Man.
> Frederick Kintop aged 85 years
> thanks!
> Darrel 
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