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Hi Reiner,

I don't think GRHS would have any more info on private researchers in
Simferopol. (Though they do have an agreement with the Simferopol archive
and are receiving some records from there. But the translation work on those
is still in process and I'm not sure how quickly it's moving.)
But I've got an email in to the friend who helped my friend Merv find
someone to go to Simferopol. Valya will either reply to me and I'll let you
know...or she might reply directly to you. (I gave her your address.) So
we'll see what we can find out for you.


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Am 21.01.2011 21:30, schrieb cgschott at comcast.net:


> Is the person who was looking for a Crimea research contact still looking?
A friend of mine had someone do some research for him in Simferopol. He says
at that time the archive wasn't all that helpful, but he had a friend of a
friend from Nikolaev go to Crimea for him. Of course, he needed to pay her
travel expenses to get there.
> I've got some potential contacts to follow up with for you, but want
> to make sure you're still looking for someone. (I think there were a
> couple responses already - so if you've already got enough leads, let
> me know!)

Dear Carolyn Schott,
thank you very much for your answer.

The basic question for me is the relation between the money to spend and the
quality of expectable results. So I keep on searching. It would be of
highest interest to me to know how much someone payed for which results.

As www.genealogicaltree.org.ua seemed not to be working anymore, I was
looking for other possible contacts to help Heinrich Lawker:


click on:

[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] The fate of Heinrich LAWKER

He meanwhile gets older and lost quite some money without getting results.
So I wondered if it may be impossible at all for him to have success, as the
Simferopol Archiv may have no holdings with information on his family
(family-census lists like the "Akta Meldungkowe" in Poland which are held in
other Ukrainian Archives).

The Ukrainian Center for Genealogical Research:


says: "In general, the average fee for an uncomplicated research does not
exceed $500", which is unpayable for him as well as for me.

Perhaps the Germans From Russia Heritage Society has more information on
this matter but their mailing-list is limited to members. As I?m (more or
less a "supporting") member in 7 other societies my funds for just a bit of
fun are getting exausted.

Best regards,

Mit sch?nen Gr??en aus Landsberg am Lech,

Reiner (Kerp),

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