[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Freiwald in Kiew (now, Back to Estonia)

Albert Muth albertmuth734 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 15:07:27 PDT 2011

There is enough information here to work in the records of the Estonian
archives.  Just based on the information I read here, I found the birth
record at Torila.

Most church records filmed by LDS are available for free online via Saaga, a
collection containing all the archival records digitized in the Estonian
National Archives and Tallinn City Archives. The entry portal is *
http://www.ra.ee/dgs/explorer.php* The website is in Estonian or English
(switch on upper right of page EST or ENG). You will need to register to use
the site, but this is also free.
Once you have registered, follow this path:
Saaga      »      Church records      »      Church books of lutheran church
kept in the public ... »

Tartu praostkond      »      EELK Kodavere kogudus      »      I Pastori
kantselei    »       Kirikuraamatud      »      4.1 Sünni-, abielu- ja

On this page, look specifically for the line that says:
Meetrikaraamat           Record EAA.1256.1.121           1867

you will find the actual record on image 12 of 55, #106, birth on 4 May 1867
Johannes, son of Willem Freiwald

My working knowledge of the Estonian language is non-existent; the church
records are all in German, but the path to get there is in Estonian.  For
this kind of situation, I recommend using the web browser Google Chrome.
You need something that will translate the page automatically.

Good luck

Al Muth

P.S.  It's free.  Thank you, Estonia!

On Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 3:31 AM, William Remus <remus at hawaii.edu> wrote:

>  Dear Nils and all
> There were many families that moved from the Baltic coast to Kiev
> throughout the 1800's. The Freiwald family moved about 1897 and soon more
> children were born. The church books for 1897 to 1900 do exist in the
> archives of Kiev. Howard Krushel and I have looked at them.
> Those years the church books were in Russian script (Cyrillic) without a
> German or Russian index. So the record would be hard to find and need
> translation.
> I will have to check to see if the new familysearch.org has these years
> online and will try to get back in 24 hours. Computer access is not great
> here.
> Bill near Angkor Wat in Cambodia heading toward Winnipeg
> On Jul 8, 2011, at 11:55 AM, Gary Warner <garyw555 at gmail.com> wrote:
>  To all,
> I would suggest that Bill Remus, who is now a part of this email is the one
> most likely to be able to offer some help.
> Gary Warner
> On 7/7/2011 4:47 PM, Rose Ingram wrote:
> Can anyone help Ivi-Mai or give her some ideas where to look for records.
> I have checked all our databases and see nothing about this Freiwald
> family.
> Rose Ingram
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> *From:* Nils-Herman & Ivi-Mai <nhsim at telia.com>
> *To:* databases at sggee.org
> *Sent:* Thursday, July 07, 2011 1:16 PM
> *Subject:* Freiwald in Kiew
> To whom it may concern.
> Dear Madam/Sir,
> The members of my grandfather´s family belonged to the Lutheran
> congregation in Kiew, I guess the Lutheran Church of St Catherinen. They
> were of Estonian origin, germanspeaking Lutherans.
> Could you please see, if there could be some data about them in your
> records.
> This is what we have:
> Johannes Freiwald
> son of William, born 4.5.1867 in Torila, Estonia (Russian Empire)
> married 22.5.1896 Anna Carolina Saar, daughter of Taavet, born 12.9.1876
> Their first son, my father, Voldemar Freiwald, born 21. 3. 1896 in St.
> Petersburg, baptized in the Estonian Lutheran Congregation (Jaani kirik).
> This family of three moved to Kiew and joined the Lutheran congregation
> there.
> Julia Freiwald, born 1897-99 (?) and Elsa Freiwald born 1900 (?)
> Voldemar Freiwald was confirmed in 1913, April 7th by Pastor R.
> Koeningsfeldt Pastor zur Kiew. Certificate N 207
> Voldemar Freiwald repatriated to Estonia in 1920.Lost contact with his
> family.
> Johannes Freiwald was alive in 1942 and working for Luftwaffe during the
> German Occupation of Ukraine. We got two letters from him during this
> period. Then lost. Date of death ?
> Anna Carolia Freiwald died persumably in the thirties.Date of death?
> Julia Freiwald . Date of birth ? Date of confirmation ? Died as a
> student in Moscow in a road accident. Date of death ?
> Elsa Freiwald Date of birth ? Date of confirmation ?- Was alive in 1942,
> as far as we know unmarried. Then missing. Date of death ??
> I would be happy, if you could give an answer to some of my questions.
> With kindest regards
> Ivi-Mai Schöön, born Freiwald in Tartu, 17.1.1931
> Since 1944 refugee in Sweden

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