[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Seeback, Oborczyski, Poland

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Sun Mar 6 11:09:02 PST 2011

I am researching Johann Martin, born in 1890. He emigrated to North Dakota in 1912 and lists as his last place of residence, Kruti, Russia, which I believe is near Odessa, but he gives as his birthplace, Seeback,  Oborczyski. I have found a town of  Oborczyski on a map, and it appears to be about 67 miles NE of Warsaw.
Does anyone know what parish records might exist for this community, or what adjoining parish I might search?  His relatives are his father, Christian Martin, his mother, Elizabeth Hinger (or Hingen) and and uncle, born in 1871 named Williem (Wilhelm) Hingen or Hinger. The family were German, and I do not know if they were Lutheran or Baptist, but probably not Catholic.
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