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The Oborczyski you found is not known to be a village or region where Germans lived.

I think a better option, knowing some of the migration pattern of Germans to the Black Sea region, would be Oborzyska, located about 36 km SW of Posen / Poznan.

I'm not familiar with research in Posen province so cannot offer advice on what parish to search in.


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> I am researching Johann Martin, born in 1890. He emigrated to 
> North Dakota in 1912 and lists as his last place of residence, 
> Kruti, Russia, which I believe is near Odessa, but he gives as 
> his birthplace, Seeback,  Oborczyski. I have found a town 
> of  Oborczyski on a map, and it appears to be about 67 
> miles NE of Warsaw.
> Does anyone know what parish records might exist for this 
> community, or what adjoining parish I might search?  His 
> relatives are his father, Christian Martin, his mother, 
> Elizabeth Hinger (or Hingen) and and uncle, born in 1871 named 
> Williem (Wilhelm) Hingen or Hinger. The family were German, and 
> I do not know if they were Lutheran or Baptist, but probably not 
> Catholic.Karla Walters
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