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I have several A3342-EWZ50 films that I have had professionally transferred to PDF files but unfortunately I do not have the E series

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Elli (aka E. Wise) would have had the EWZ film when she indexed them, but
probably doesn't now. After she indexed them, she generally sent them to
GRHS. Another alternative for getting a copy is from GRHS in Bismarck. But I
suspect that Dave's comment about copy quality varying would apply here too.
And I'm not sure what they charge compared to what someone in Maryland might
charge. But still - it's another alternative.

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1. Ignore the 96, the film you want is A3342 EWZ50 E003.? The E003 refers to
the film number within the series. From Kistner to Klass, more or less.

2. FHL does not have the EWZ50 films.

3. Does E. Wise have the film? I don't know. But others might have a copy.

4. I believe I have accessed EWZ records in every way possible. I own more
than 100 of them. My preference, in order:
a. Go to College Park and look at them there. (Most expensive.) b. Buy them.
(Also expensive.) c. Get them through FHL (does not apply to EWZ50) d. Get
copies from people in Maryland. (Quality varies.) e. Go to the Bundesarchiv
in Berlin. (Actual paper documents, really cool to hold, but oh the
bureaucracy. And expensive.)

Odds are you will ultimately need more than one film, because one will offer
clues to other families, and so on.

Dave Obee


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