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So who's a native Canadian?  Most of the immigrants to Canada in the 1800s were British or European.....some stayed in Canada for a short time and others for longer before going to the US.  (Some liked the weather better south of the border!)The borders weren`t closely monitored until much later, so there was a lot of cross-border traffic,  seeking work, land or even joining the North in the Civil War years. 

This website has interesting info on French Canadians immigration to the US northeast.  There are still many family connections there.  They worked mostly in the factories there.


This Ancestry site has lots of info


here's another - with links and books recommended

This book ``Michigan: a History of the Wolverine state`` is on the web and has a fairly good history of Michigan - and its influxes of immigrants - Cdn and otherwise:

Actually, I suppose pretty much any decent history of border states would cover Canadian immigration, be it through the border towns of Manitoba-North Dakota, New Brunswick-Maine, Windsor-Detroit, and also Sarnia to Port Huron, MI - helped out by a rail system.

My Baiers moved back and forther from Gretna Manitoba to Neche North Dakota - eventually settling in Neche. Some of their children were born in both countries.

Best of luck with your son`s research.....


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> My son needs some help from those of
> you who are Canadian.  He is currently
> working on a project that has to do with Canadians who
> immigrated to the
> United States.  (Of all the countries he could have
> picked, could someone
> please tell me why he didn't choose Poland?) 
> Specifically, he isn't looking
> for European (or others) who came into Canada with
> intentions of coming to
> the USA.  This is about native Canadians who
> immigrated to the USA.
> Do any of you have any good sources of information - either
> online or in
> book format - that might help him?  
> Thanks....
> Beth Burke
> Verona, WI
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