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While up until recent times, the border between the US and Canada has been
fairly porous. My Family immigrated to the United States from Europe and
then went to Canada, while some of the family stayed in the US.  Then part
of the family moved back to the US, so we have had relatives on both sides
of the border.  On my Wife's side they came to Canada either from the US
(where they had residence since the 1600 and 1700s) and some returned there
or Scotland, in one case once they were married they moved to the US.

Historically these migrations have been fairly individualist over a long
time. But there are two larger migration trends that I have been able to
find searching briefly online.


First Period, 1861-1895
The first period was a time of net negative migration. During these years
the Canadian economy was generally depressed and the lack of economic
opportunities inhibited social mobility. At the same time, economic
expansion and prosperity in the United States provided an important magnet
for Canada's disappointed recent immigrants and unemployed citizens.


Between 1840 and 1930 roughly 900,000 French Canadians left Canada to
emigrate to the United States.

Hope this helps.

John F. Rauchert, Calgary, Alberta

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Today's Topics:

   1. Emigration from Canada to the United States (Beth Burke)


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My son needs some help from those of you who are Canadian.  He is currently
working on a project that has to do with Canadians who immigrated to the
United States.  (Of all the countries he could have picked, could someone
please tell me why he didn't choose Poland?)  Specifically, he isn't looking
for European (or others) who came into Canada with intentions of coming to
the USA.  This is about native Canadians who immigrated to the USA.

Do any of you have any good sources of information - either online or in
book format - that might help him?  


Beth Burke
Verona, WI


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