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Go to the SGGEE website for parish records
      Year Film/ Item Nr Heimtal Rozyszcze Zhitomir Kiev Volhynia Govt. 
Podolia Govt.

      1876 1884069 / 2 Pp 715-795 Pp 594-681 Pp 503-593 Pp 462-498  Pp 

Film 1884069 has records from several parishes, including Heimtal, for the 
year 1876.
To confirm that your family is from Heimtal parish, look up the record in 
the SGGEE Volhynia database.
The film no., page no., and registration number will be indicated as well as 
the parish name.

I hope this helps.
Dick Stein

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> With my family from Poland, I know nothing of Volhynia research so I need 
> a
> little help.  I have a family with births in Victorowka and Gnadental and
> the baptism records are from Heimthal (duplicate St. Petersburg records). 
> I
> have tried to locate these places and I either get many (Heimtals) or none
> (Victorovka).  They have to exist close together.  Time period is 1876-78.
> Can someone give me the area or coordinates and, if possible, the SGGEE
> naming convention for these places.
> Also, the FamilySearch site where I found these records does not actually
> say the name of the parish.  Would anyone know that as well.  The film
> number is 1884069 and the images are on FamilySearch.
> Thanks,
> Earl
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