[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Reinke from Marienwerder and Heimthal

Beatrix Hughes beatrix at telus.net
Mon Mar 21 15:06:52 PDT 2011

According to the EWZ index, my great grandmother was born in Brachlin, Marienwerder. I checked the West Prussia gazetteer but the only Brachlin I found was southwest of Marienwerder in Kreis Schwetz by Topolno.  That seems awfully far from Marienwerder. My dad thinks that she was born in an area north of Marienwerder, closer to Malbork. Has anyone ever come across another Brachlin?
After people filled out their EWZ papers, did an official correct spelling mistakes or geographical errors?

It might be helpful if I actually mentioned the name of the person I'm looking for. Her name is Henriette Reinke born 1860.  Her family moved to Heimthal parish sometime after that and in 1881 she married August Kitzmann and settled in Tortshin, Wolodarsk.  

I'm following another clue. I know that August Kitzmann had a sister named Justine. I found a Justine Kitzmann who married a Johann Reinke in Heimthal on Feb 12 1879.  I know it was common in those days for two siblings from one family to marry two siblings from another. I'm guessing there is a connection there. Justine Kitzmann is a surprisingly common name though so I can't just assume she is my Justine.

Any Reinke's from Heimthal here?


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