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To all,

I lean toward Rose's "Piessn",   however I don't see 2 "ss" 's in the original 

Then switching to Gary's suggestion on page 128,  "Pisakow" is pretty clear,
except that to me it looks like "Piaskow".  ?  ?

I agree with Gary's remark that the writer is not consistent in his writing 
On page 130, line at the top of page, 2nd. column from the right, the word looks 

"Wassersucht", all 3 "s" 's are shaped differently.


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To all,

OK, my mistake.    Then my guess is the same as Rose- Piessn from what 
is written.   The writer does not appear to be real consistent in his 
spelling however.   The first two letters appear to be just like the 
village of residence of MathausZismann in entry 26 on page 128.   That 
place is Pisakow, but this place does not appear to be the same place.


>>> On 3/24/2011 1:43 PM, Jerry Frank wrote:
>>>> This info is from the St. Pete extractions.  Picosk is an
>> extractors attempt to read the original writing.  I have
>> looked at the original.  I do not want to attempt my own
>> interpretation but it is definitely NOT Picosk.
>>>> You can view it yourself at
>>>> Click on 1879 and go to image130.  It is the last entry
>> on the bottom.
>>>> Perhaps others can look at it and take a stab at what it might
>> be - first column on right page.
>>>> Jerry
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>>>>> Picosk is listed as the birthplace of Karl Schulz who died
>>>>> in
>>>>> Volhynia  22 AUG 1879.  Does anyone know where Picosk
>>>>> would be?
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