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I have these comments:
a) First letter could also be a 'T' given how defined he makes his 'R'.  I
would expect a clearer 'P'.
b) Second letter may be an 'i' or the start of the 'e' and not a letter at
c) Third letter should be an 'e'.
d) Fourth letter is between the 'e' and the 'f' looking letter.  It is not
an accident to me and is probably an 'a'.
e) The letter looking like an 'f' is probably an 's'.
f) The final letter is interesting and I've seen this type of letter at the
end of some words and it is not a letter at all.  I don't think it is an 'n'
as everyone seems to think.  His 'n's are sharper and not rounded.  I think
it is simply an 's' with a squiggle as an ending.

This gives me Pieass, Peass, Tieass or Teass.

I searched on all of these and found nothing...unless you like Teas and


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To all,

I lean toward Rose's "Piessn",   however I don't see 2 "ss" 's in the

Then switching to Gary's suggestion on page 128,  "Pisakow" is pretty clear,
except that to me it looks like "Piaskow".  ?  ?

I agree with Gary's remark that the writer is not consistent in his writing 
On page 130, line at the top of page, 2nd. column from the right, the word

"Wassersucht", all 3 "s" 's are shaped differently.


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