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You really need to consider joining SGGEE and turning in your data.    
That is the only certain way to discover how your data really connects 
to our Master Pedigree Database.

I will send you email addresses for Douglas Dreger and Daniel Dundee 

Gary Warner

On 11/2/2011 7:19 PM, Clinton Ehlert wrote:
> To All
> Thank you Dithard , Jerry and Gary.  The information you have sent is of great help  and it looks like I have found the name of My Second Great Grandfather Anton Schleger  . He is most likely my second Great Grandfather . After Anton passed away she most likily married Jacob Lier In Saskatchewan Canada . I have a photo of Uncle Reinhold and Aunt  Olga Arndt . I also have the names of Uncle Reinhold and Aunt Olga ' Children which would be My Grandmother's Frieda Julianna (Weiss ) Ehlert's  first cousins Including Auriellia Schleger . It would be interesting to see how Adolph and Rudolph Schleger connects to my Great Uncle Reinhold and my Great grandmother Matilda or Mathild Schleger  who married Albert Weiss who is my Great Grandfather . If this is correct this is my line of descent .
> 1.) Anton Schleger and Emilie Girch
> 2.) Matilda Schleger and Albert Weiss
> 3.) Frieda Julianna Weiss and James John Melvin Ehlert
> 4.) Larry  El;wood James Ehlert and Marjorie Diane Prather/ Ehlert
> 5.) Me Clinton Shannon James Ehlert
> I also know great Uncle Rienhold and Aunt Olga had
> three girls and one boy named Arthur Schleger . It would be interesting to talk tyo Douglas Dreger and Daniel Dundee if they are related we could exchange information.
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