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> Hi,
> There was a discussion a few weeks back about 23andMe having a special.  Several people said they had their DNA testing done through them and had the results on the website.  I have my results back and would like to see if I could compare with any others on the group.  I am female and I guess we can only compare the MtDNA?   Not sure how all this works.
> Gail
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Afternoon Gail,
You had a one  million SNP marker test including ALL 23 of your chromosomes.
It INCLUDES your mitochondrial DNA to establish your maternal haplogroup lineage.

A female does NOT possess a Y chromosome to establish the male side lineage of her father.
   MALE: X/Y
The Y-haplogroup is all that is missing, similar to every test out there. 
Test a father or one of his brothers or any of the sons to establish the Y-haplogroup.

YOU DO have all the remainder of the code information screened out in the test.

Contact me privately and I will walk you through use of the 23andMe site via E-letter so you can maximize the benefits of testing.
I will compare with you on a BASIC LEVEL (genealogy) for a beginning. What is your PROFILE NAME?
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