[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] DNA genetics - 2 question topics

marmel marmel at pctcnet.net
Fri Nov 11 20:14:15 PST 2011

Q1: Anyone else out there of Haplogroup J2b1a (mutation 16278T in HVR1)?

Q2: mutation 8839R - Is it a gene recombination when the mutation is letter R (rather than T, C, G, or A), and is a gene recombination the same thing as cross-over meiosis?  (Is chromosomal crossing over also known as recombination?)  Does recombination only occur when one inherits the exact same marker from both mt and Y and the markers match up at the same location and thereby cross over?  Please, if anyone can explain it to me I'd be greatfull.  Wish I was a geneticist to understand it all.

I have my full mt-DNA genomic sequence for HVR1, HVR2, & CR.  If anyone wants to compare, just email me direct at:  marmel at pctcnet.net  If we match we had a common ancestor about 12 generations back.  I think I remember reading that matches with Family Finder have a common ancestor about 6 generations back (GGGGgrandparents).  I have not paid for Family Finder yet.  Waiting to see what develops next in the DNA genealogy field.

Linda in WI

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